​​​​​​​Larch Defense specializes in providing you with a personalized firearms buying experience
including exclusive and private assistance as well as access to our Smokeless Range Firearms Training Simulator. Our goal is your success: in finding you the right firearm, and preparing and educating you to be safe, comfortable, and confident in its use. We strongly believe in the individual right to self defense, and are passionate about helping you exercise it.
We offer purchase pickups (as well as FFL transfers) by appointment from 5:00AM through 11:00PM seven days a week in order to best fit your schedule. Transfers are $25, with a $5 discount available if you have an Idaho Concealed Weapons License.
You can find us in Post Falls, Idaho. Contact us at team@larchdefense.com or (208) 929-8675 to get started.
Thank you!
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